Sunday, February 19, 2012

wild thyme and pablo picasso...

snow...hadn't all melted yet.
mud...what had melted turned to ground mud
hike to the Citadelle ~700 m
wild thyme...don't bring it home with you because "the goats pee-pee on it"...but oh, does the thyme make the hike fragrant!  I love the smell of thyme!
house of pablo picasso...under he really buried here?  Vauvernagne?
laughed at me because i ordered a glass of wine...???...apparently, one doesn't drink wine before dinner...just with.  (???)

The hike up...

View from the first stop..just above the Col de Porte

Ruins of something (I didn't understand) just above the col de porte

View from the top of the Citadel

View from the top of the Citadel...the flank of Mt. St. Victoire is on the left.

View looking away from Mt. St. Victoire...I think to the can see the observatoire in the distance where we walked to.

View more to the east...Mt. St. Victoire would be behind me...-ish

The observatory that you could see in an earlier photo.  We stopped for a tea, navettes (licorice-flavored, hard cookies from Marseille that the one resident of marsielle explained that no one in Marseille eats), and many other tasty treats.

Great map on the sign...we were....HERE!  Okay..if you enlarge the map, find Vauvernague and go east a bit and I think you can find Col de Port and the Citadel and that's where we hiked.

The road through Vauvernauge is the main Mt. St. Victoire highway and the addresses for the houses are associated with that highway...I liked this one.  Who needs a street name, when you can just put a picture of the mountain?

This is for Josie...

Pablo Picasso's home under renovation.  I think I understood that he's buried here.  Mt. St. Victoire is in the background.