Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bach, gorillas and serendipity

Sunday morning service at the Eglise Reforme (from what I gathered, it's the french version of a Presbyterian church) because they had a special performance of a musical group that performs Bach authentically ( l’Académie Bach d’Aix en Provence).  They performed « Ich bin
vergnügt mit meinem Glücke » (« Mon bonheur me suffit »).  Fantastic performance!  Unfortunately where I was sitting we couldn't see the musicians at all because they were in the loft.  I wanted to see their instruments!

The service was in french, but the pastor spoke wonderfully slowly and enunciated so clearly that I actually understood a bit of the service.  It was fantastic practice!  Oh, and of course the hymns were in french...I can't sing, but it was interesting to attempt to read the hymns and follow along while my friend Ruth tried to sing...hee...struggling with french words and pronunciation and follow the music.

the serendipity...a gentleman sitting in front of us heard us speaking English and turned to ask where we were from.   We discovered that he and I had corresponded via email through the Anglo-American group here last fall!  And, he lived in New Orleans for 25 years where he met his french wife, which is why they are in France now.  Then, two guys from my french class showed up (the ones who know my cousin Angie and her husband Nathan and their kids because they go to the college where Nathan is the soccer coach!).  "it's a small worlds after all...."

Ruth and her family and I then went to the Natural History Museum which is just a wee short hop  (like less than a block) from our apartment.  I will have to go back to spend more time reading the exhibits sometime (it's free the first Sunday of the month), but I was especially impressed with the gorilla and of course the dinosaurs!  The museum is quite small, and is in a beautiful old building that is undergoing restoration.  Josie and I have been watching the progress since we arrived and we walk past it nearly everyday.  They recently removed the scaffolding from one wall and the difference is stunning!