Friday, February 10, 2012

House sitting with the world's sweetest kitty

We get to house sit this weekend for my friend Caroline who is out of town with her family on a surprise weekend away for her birthday.  We are very excited because their apartment is WARM and they have the world's sweetest kitty.  Alas...I forgot to get the WiFi code from her so we will be without internet for the weekend.

Today's serendipity...a colleague from grad school at CSU is in France for a sabbatical also!  He gave a seminar at CEREGE today, so I spent the day out there...until it started snowing!  Panic ran rampant through the offices and everyone vacated.  Snow on the roads in provence can be disastrous, so everyone decided to leave early...just in case.  Josie said they sent kids home early from school in anticipation.  And, of course, it fluttered for a bit...then stopped.  but it's still cold!!