Saturday, February 18, 2012

Basilic et citronnelle

Lunch today...the most amazing little restaurant...Basilic et citronnelle.  I had the vegetarian plat du jour, which consisted of coucous, amazing green salade, carrot soup, avocado, delicious cheese, a piece of toasted bread with a 'caviar d'artichaud' (artichoke spread w/ lots of garlic) and a little savory cake.  Josie had tagliatelle with butter...but it was fresh, homemade tagliatelle!  The restaurant is only open for lunch and usually requires reservations...we got lucky today in our ignorance and just walked in and got a table!  Even the wine and the coffee were superb.

I forgot to take pics of the meal, but here is the dessert.  Mine was a chestnut cake (flan à la crème de marrons) and Josie had a pear cake (clafoutix aux poires) just doesn't sound the same in english!

It was a tough decision...but we could have eaten here... 
in the ham cave...I can't understand why Josie wouldn't pose in this picture for me???