Saturday, February 11, 2012

Choosing a cafe?

I equate french food with good food, but alas, there are also not-so-great restaurants in France also.  We really haven't been eating out very much mostly because we get such amazing veggies at the market and eating out is not cheap, oh and France is the biggest meat-eating country in Europe!  But, today we ventured out for lunch.  I think the problem is that we wait until we're both really hungry, then say, "let's find a place to eat" and by the time we're selecting...we're ravenous and so will just grab a table at the first open restaurant.  Do you see the problem?  Usually the restaurants with lots of tables open are not the best restaurants, right?

So today we went to little dark place (it's cold out, so dark, warm and cozy sounded good...but it wasn't very warm) on rue d'Italie that has pizza on the menu (which makes Josie happy).  I explained to the waiter that I was a vegetarian and he offered that they had a veggie quiche (tart) with a salad.  Sounds great...but the tart was burned on top and raw in the middle and the salad was not great.

Lesson learned...figure out where to eat before you get hungry!

More market news...

Fava bean have been sighted at the market!  Will seek them out and get some for a new culinary adventure...I've never cooked fresh fava beans.

They sell cooked beet roots at the markets ...interesting..actually it looks really bizarre!  Bloody giant beets skinned and bleeding.  You pick out the one you want and they stab it with a giant fork and stuff it into a plastic bag for you.  Haven't tried one of those yet either.