Thursday, February 9, 2012


It's bloody cold here!!!!!  Aaaaa!!!!!  I'm FREEZING!  I think our heater has given up on us because it realizes that it will never be enough.  haha!

Tonight we're going to an AVF reception avec appertifs.  I'm making a gouda/cumin bread/cake-thingy with an endive salad...recipe from my provencal veggie day planner.  Having fun translating the recipes...needed caraway (carvi) seeds, but decided to make it cumin because I love cumin gouda so much.   I'm not very good at following recipes...I always veer off course and sometimes it's fantastic and sometimes not so.

Learning a bit about the French universities...the projector doesn't work, in the toilettes we have a choice of toilet seats in one, but no paper, and paper, but no toilet seat in the other, the photocopier is always either broken our out of paper, the language lab is losing "cabines" daily and now there are not enough functional ones for our whole class and the rooms are either freezing or roasting.  Hmm..actually, this sounds a lot like where I teach!!!  hahahah!  Except we do always have toilet paper at Mesa.

Back to work...or cooking.  Yay!  I get to use the oven!  Yay!!!  it will warm things up for a bit...but oh boy our electric bill this month is going to be horrifying!