Friday, February 3, 2012

A haircut by the scissor ninja...

Josie and I have both needed hair cuts, but have been feeling very intimidated by the idea of venturing into a french salon.   Over the last few days I've been reading websites, picking up flyers at salons and scoping out possible salons.  Today I was overcome by a wave of braveness and walked into a salon to just ask how much a cut would be.  I had a cheat sheet of appropriate words in my pocket and was prepared with questions because I had read that prices can change depending on the length of your hair and that you should really get a quote to avoid a sticker shock after the cut.

The salon was not busy (very surprising for a Friday afternoon).  One of the stylists immediately started speaking english to me and explained that I didn't need an appointment and that it would cost 38 euros.  I said thank you and said I might come back.  I went outside and called Josie for moral support...she said "duh mom!  he speaks english, go for it!".  so, I turned around and went back in for my french salon experience with Alexandre.

He...was...amazing!  Josie showed up just after my shampooing and was an eye-witness to what she has now dubbed the 'scissor-ninja' in action...the hair and scissors were flying.  He is an artiste!  Josie made plans to go back tomorrow morning, and I walked out feeling like a sexy new woman.

Since he spoke some english, so there were no mix-ups, like my friend Ruth who said "short" (court) instead of "cut" (coup) and ended up with a much shorter doo than she expected.  oops!

For anyone looking for an english-speaking hair stylist in Aix-en-Provence...go see Alexandre (aka the "scissor-ninja") at Biguine on rue Gaston de Saporta just north of the Hotel de Ville