Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frosty market update...

I really can't believe that Grand Junction is having the warmest winter in years and that I left that for the coldest winter in almost 50 years here!!!  Brrr!  

The veggies at the market are showing signs of being frost-bitten and those poor vendors standing out in the cold.  I was frozen after my shopping expedition on Saturday, and today wasn't any warmer...numb toes resulting in a flare up of chill-blains...I can't imagine how cold the vendors must've been!  I'm so surprised that they don't wear hats!  When your feet are cold, put on a hat, right?

There's an heirloom vendor at the market who has the most beautiful produce!  Aah...the colors.  We had the deepest purple carrots last night.  We've grown those before in GJ , but the color wasn't this rich, nor did it go as deep into the carrot.  The ones last night left behind a stain like beets when I cut them up.  Something that color has to be good for you, no?  

there are spice and herb vendors at the market also.  The first three rows of baskets in the photo above are all peppercorns!!

One of the recipes from my Provencal veggie day planner/cookbook calls for baies roses.  See the red peppercorns in the picture above...that's them.  The recipe is a citrus salad with baies roses...I will let you know how it turns out.