Sunday, February 12, 2012

House sitting with the world's sweetest kitty (part 2)

First...the kitty...Bis-Bis (or something like that...think of the sound you make when you're trying to call a kitty...something like Piss-Piss or Puss-Puss or Pss-Pss) is her name.  She's missing an eye and is not a young thing anymore, but is the snuggliest, purring-est, sweetest kitty....

We thoroughly enjoyed our warm weekend in Caroline and her family's apartment...their snuggly kitty, big TV and huge movie selection were the perfect entertainment for a frigid weekend!

Just after lunch today we noticed the sound of running was water pouring off of the balcony upstairs onto our balcony!  That didn't seem right.  I was so nervous about trying to tell someone about it in FRENCH!  But, I bravely rang neighbors' doorbells and investigated on the roof and finally found a neighbor who was already on the phone trying to find the building manager to deal with the problem.

The icy frigid weather will undoubtedly result in many broken pipes throughout the region.  Later in the day, the kitchen sink drain blocked!  Poor Caroline and Denis came home from their fun weekend away to these problems and a frozen swimming pool at their house near the coast!

When we arrived back at our apartment, then living room was a cool 48 F and the bathroom was 45.    Have I mentioned that it's been cold?