Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recensement...the French census!

We arrived just in time for the french census in our region! The census-taker wasn't sure what to do with us and had to come back with her supervisor to determine if we needed to fill out the forms. I guess since we'll be here six months, they decided that we do need to fill them out. Of course, they are all in french, so she left me her phone number so I could call her with questions. But,thanks to google translate was enough and I think I'm done! She'll be back tomorrow night to pick them up.

The really funny thing is that the light at the top of the our building's stairs is out so it is pitch dark at the entrance to our apartment. We have gotten accustomed to either carrying a headlamp or using our cell phone to illuminate our way. But the poor census worker wasn't as prepared and we scared the pants off of both of us one night in the dark!

Here are our forms...yes, it took a glass of wine and the laptop to complete them!