Thursday, January 26, 2012

Histoire de l'Art and gastro-bug con'd

My art history class will cover sculpture through the ages.  So, in order to get ready to discuss sculpture in french we needed to learn all of the body parts in french.  We went through Leonardo da Vinci's famous drawing of man and identified...elbow, wrist, ankle, calf, etc. etc.  (there is a point to my telling you this).

After class I raced to meet up with the introductory tour of the north part of the city of Aix hosted by the Aix new-comer's group.  The tour was conducted mostly in french but the wonderful guide, Christian, would translate to english when I was really lost.

One of the fun things he showed us was the narrowest street in Aix...Esquicho Coude, which translates to something like squeeze your elbows!  Coude = elbow.

Today, I also joined the AAGP, which is a local anglophone group that does lots of activities (I have to be careful with the acronym...AAPG = American Association of Petroleum Geologists!), and I got a library card! A library card in France!  How cool is that?  The library is FABULOUS!

 I bought a lamp today!  We are illuminated!  I found one for only 15 euros at Bricorama (what a name for a shop!).

Then succumbed again to the gastro-bug...down for the count.