Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Group 3 CC?

I got my official placement in my french class today.  Level three has three groups...A, B and CC.  CC, not C. Why?  I am in level 3 CC.  Is CC a french code for something like "troublemakers"?

I met my teacher today.  She's wonderful!

Most of my class is comprised of college-age American girls.  But, most of them didn't understand the teacher and left about half way through the class (long story...but I have to giggle a bit).  The four of us that were left (a Brazilian girl, a Korean girl, another American girl, and me...the grandma of the group) got a tour of the classrooms, the correct schedule and actually know where to go tomorrow.  Some of our classes will be in the university building where the economics school is, which is located a couple of buildings down the street from where the main school is (if you're interested...it's at 11 Cours Gambetta, yes, in the same building as the Avis car rental office).

When I signed up for this school, it was located in the old part of the city in a beautiful old building.  I have to admit I'm just a wee bit disappointed that it's moved to a new building in a different part of town...kind of lost the charm of the old site.  But, the facilities are probably nicer, since they're more modern.

Josie made it through her second day and had the rest of her classes today including math.  The math class here doesn't follow the same curriculum as her class in the US, so we're doing some math tutoring tonight, but she'll be fine.  I need to review my calculus!  Tonight, she walked straight home from the bus and was home just before 6pm.  That's a long day!

I met my friend Caroline for a drink this evening and smell like I smoked a pack of cigarettes because the people that sat right next to us were chain smoking...that's something I'm going to have a hard time getting used to here.  People smoke a lot.

Caroline introduced me to a new drink...Kir.  It's white wine with elderberry liqueur.  Tasty!

Signing off from group 3CC!