Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gastro Bug!

In our first class the instructor mentioned that the secretary was out sick with a gastro-intestinal maladie, and to please stay home if anyone contracted it.  The gastro bug has been in the news and is sweeping its way through the south of France.

After six hours of french class today I was feeling a bit woozy...thinking it was just brain mush from trying to comprehend so much new french in one day.  But, alas, it was the gastro-bug!  I soldiered on through dinner and dishes, but have succumbed to being horizontal quite early.

A wee bit about my classes...phonetics, french language and theater!  A very full Wednesday, but what fun!  My teachers are all fantastic.  I recognize that my french is woefully inadequate, but will catch up fast, I'm certain.  All of my classes are entirely in English allowed...pas de tout!

In theater we'll be reading Dom Juan (yes, in french it's spelled Dom, not Don) by Moliere.  Today we learned the history of the Don Juan myth and started on a biography of Moliere.  My teacher is very entertaining and amazingly animated.  She makes it remarkably easy to understand her lecture (given that I am a novice french speaker, this is a fantastic accomplishment!).

The only wee bummer is that many of my classes will be in the annex building which is actually part of the economics school and it's in this terrible building that's in dire need of some upkeep.  It's a bit grim.  Such a disappointment after seeing the photos of the gorgeous historic building where the school was located until October.
This is the hallway where some of my classes are in the school of's just a wee bit run-down, and kind of lacking in the character compared to the old building.

Soon...I will write more about my classmates and other teachers...