Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday and feng shui

Feeling better today,'s quick summary of what happened...
 - coffee with Ruth from Colorado at their new apartment avec pain chocolat (chocolate croissant).  
 - lunch from Pizza Capri...quatre fromage...the best pizza stand in Aix and a wonderful cheap quick lunch.

Visited a 2nd-hand store looking for another lamp...Occadecco.  Didn't find a lamp, but did find an amazing selection of used books for only 1 euro each including Dom Juan for my class and Harry Potter in french!  and, best of all...a teapot!  We are so excited.  We've bought some yummy loose tea here and are looking forward to brewing it properly.

Josie and I decided that we really needed to rearrange our apartment.  Josie has informed me that we didn't really rearrange with feng shui in mind, but we certainly improved it by are some shots of our new and improved arrangement...
The Hobbit Hole...aka Josie's bedroom (the only bedroom)

Our sunny fruit and flower-filled kitchen

The rest of the apartment...c'est tout!

Feng shui or not, it feels better now!

We attended a reception with the french newcomers group (AVF) that I joined.  It wasn't exactly what we expected, but it was a good opportunity to practice our french, which is woefully inadequate!