Saturday, January 21, 2012

French movie theaters and un verre de vin rose

We tried to see a movie tonight, but it sold out. At the cinema here....when you go to buy your ticket, you have to get in line for the specific room or salle that your movie is playing in. Then there is an electronic sign above the queue that states how many spaces are still available. Next time, we will try to reserve our seats on line...I think we can do that. But we still don't even know how much the tickets cost.

We did figure out that when the cinema advertisement says VO is means the movie is in the original language, and when it says VF that means the movie is in french. I don't think I'm ready for an entire movie in french...well, at least I'm not ready to actually understand it. I'll be thrilled if I can watch a movie in french by the time we leave and at least get the gist of what's happening.

So, instead of seeing a movie we went to Cafe Verdun, which is just a short block from our apartment, and had a glass of wine. Josie had her first (tres petite) glass of wine out...a wee tiny glass of a local provencal rose. She will be seventeen in a month! wow. I love that you can have this tiny (10cl) glass of wine for only two euro and it's delicious and relaxed. The only bummer is that when you sit outside, most other people are smoking. Ack.

Our funny faux pas of the evening (there is at least one per day!)...when we arrived at the cafe, we didn't know if we could just sit down or if we had to ask to be seated. So I decided to err on the safe side and ask to be seated, so we went inside and asked (in french) for a table for two outside. He pointed to one (which was occupied by the two young women next to it's purses) and we eventually evacuated the purses and sat down. Shortly after we sat down, two dinner menus arrive and then a woman showed up with this giant piece of wood that she plunked down onto the table that turned the table from a round little cocktail table into a larger square wooden table!! Of course we felt quite conspicuous being the only people on the patio with a giant slab of wood in front of us. I realized quickly that they thought we wanted dinner and told the woman that we only wanted drinks (in french). She looked surprised and dashed off to talk to the waiter. He then came over to us and explained (in english!) that when you come inside and ask for a table it means you want dinner. Oh well...we are learning! I explained that we are new in town...I'm sure he rolled his eyes inside and he took away our giant slab of wood and we ordered our wine (in french) and all was well.