Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pouffer and Poudlard!

Another Circuit around the city with AVF's wonderful tour guide Christian...we learned where the cinemas are, toured the public library, visited several churches, and many other things...stores, markets, patisseries, etc. etc.
View of the rue Cardinale where the Hotel Cardinale is located...great two-star hotel if you ever visit Aix.  Reasonable price, well situated, small and very nice.

More shopping!  We are having Ruth, George and Carl over for an Indian feast, so we needed to get groceries!  Spices at the market and lots of veggies.  Then we tried a new grocery store which was supposed to be wonderful and cheap, and it was cheap, but not so wonderful and really long lines.

We made it home at 5:15 with groceries and our guests were arriving at 6:30!!  Aaaa!  In the end, fantastic food and a wonderful time!

Highlights...learned a new french verb...Pouffer = to burst out laughing.  Ha hahahahahah!  and, why did I learn this new word...because I was looking the following word...(which isn't in the dictionary!)...

In the french version of Harry Potter, Hogwarts is called Poudlard!  Which appears to be a word created just to mean Hogwarts.  Kind of makes you pouffe, doesn't it?!  Hee.