Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th!

We totally forgot it was July 4th.  Oops.  The exciting event in southern France is the start of the sales...Soldes!  Soldes!  Soldes!  the stores were packed, and it's Wednesday. 

I started the morning by visiting the local market for some food for us to take with us this evening on our ferry trip.  This market was markedly different from the market in Aix...much more spread out and less crowded.  No tourists.  I only found one Bio (organic) stand, and it wasn't a producteur or grower.  But I did see these gorgeous wild artichokes...

Josie and I finally left our B&B around noon and fought our way through crowds of sale shoppers to get to the old Nice city to attempt to find a specific boulangerie or bakery for lunch.  I read in Rick Steve's guide that one must try tourte aux blettes, which is made with chard and white beets.  there's a sweet version and a savory version.  Unfortunately, the recommended bakery was on holiday until the end of July.  We did find the chard tourtes at another bakery, and I really enjoyed the savory one...hmmm...the sweet one?  maybe not so much.

After lunch it was beach time!!!  Hoorah!  We splurged on chairs and an umbrella and lounged on the French Riviera. 

Back to the B&B to reclaim our bags and make our way to the port for the ferry to Corsica.