Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 6 - Sleep and rest

Zzzzzz.....our peaceful little tent in a shady grove created a perfect haven for snoozing
in today. I think I finally climbed out of the tent around 11am and Josie followed before
noon. Lunch at a little cafe called le Cigale right on the main road and over to sign up for
a snorkeling trip for later in the afternoon.

Down to the beach to read and relax (a stony beach again!!!) until snorkeling at 4. The
stones make walking to the water quite an adventure...oooch..ouch...yowz...ah.. ooh.
And, then lying on the stones on just a sarong...not the most cozy, but it felt to be on the
beach. The clouds built up a bit and the wind had been blowing, so we weren't roasting.

Our snorkeling trip was with Porto Plongee...a local dive operation and dive school. The
three other people with us were doing an introductory scuba dive with an instructor...just
for 15 minutes. We went out into golfo porto...not too a protected cove on the
south side of the bay. There wasn't a whole lot to see snorkeling wise...some little fish
and rocks. But it was wonderful to be in the water and we got to dive off of the boat too.
I got cold despite the short wetsuit, so I got in the boat to enjoy the sun while Josie kept
Back to our lovely campground for dinner and rest...aahhhh.