Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 3 - Monaco!

We arrived in the subterranean train station and headed to the old city.  We popped out from underground just in front of the Prince's Palace where the changing of the guard was about to begin.  We opted to go have lunch...pizza again...instead of watching the ceremony from behind massive crowds of people.  We couldn't see anything anyway. 

The host/manager/waiter/owner? of the restaurant was pretty outrageous...he squawked at passers-by and grumbled when they chose to not eat there.  He gave us serious grief for wanting to share a pizza and finally agreed when I said we'd go elsewhere....if we ordered drinks for two.

We visited the Prince's Palace and the Napoleon Collection...the most exciting thing was his hat.

We headed down toward the port past the massive oceanographic museum with a floating baby and the yellow submarine outside.

The bateau bus was expensive 2 euros each! but it's solar-powered electric and saved us a long walk around the port.

To the casino in Monte Carlo.  Josie isn't 18, so couldn't go in, so we had a coffee at a cafe across from the casino and marvelled at the expensive cars.

Back to Nice for our amazing dinner at La Bistro de Fromager.  Yum!  Entree was tomate, barata with basilic and huile d'olive...the most amazing mozarella served on a tomato with basil pesto sauce and olive oil.  Our main dishes were amazing.  Josie had tagliatelli with cognac, sage and parmesan.  The hot pasta was tossed in a giant wheel of parmesan!  The cognac was a great touch and Josie commented that she felt like she was eating a mojito.  My main dish was market veggies served with a cheese fondue.  The veggies has been cooked with lots of garlic and herbs and my favorite part was that they included radishes!  I love french radishes and had never thought to cook them.  For dessert we had strawberries with the "taste of wild strawberries"...I was confused and thought he said they were wild strawberries...oh well...they did taste delicious...served with mint.  My coffee was incredible and Josie had herbal tea that he mixed for her including mint, thyme and rosemary.