Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 11 - Colossal!

We revisited Trevi fountain first thing in the morning to toss our coins in with a smaller

Then off to the Colosseum...formerly known as...the _____ arena?

LIstened to Rick Steve's audio guide and stood in the shade as much as possible. The
colosseum really is colossal. I remembered it being smaller. I also don't remember being
able to walk around on the upper levels. The view down to the maze of passages that
would've been underneath the floor is impressive.

Hot, hungry and footsore already we had a snack at an amazing locals (i.e., not touristy)
"bar" cafe...Antica del Brasile on via del Serpenti (?). Very fun...big old bar and old
italian women who had passionate conversations.

Wandering up to the Pantheon, we stopped first at Santa Maria del Minerva outside of
which is this wonderful statue of an elephant sculpted by Bernini.

We liked this you can see...

Next, the of the oldest complete roman buildings...maybe the oldest...all
of the dates and statistics run together. Everything is so old and has a story and I find
them all intriguing when I hear them, but now they're all running together.

I do remember that the Pantheon is 43 meters tall and wide. and its walls are 20 feet

thick in some places. It is now a church and they regularly shush everyone reminding
you that "this is a church". The nine meter diameter hole in the ceiling lets in light and there are holes in the floor to allow water to drain, and the floor slopes to the

and Rafael is buried here, by his own request.

After a snooze in our cool hotel room, we headed out for apperitifs at a bar in Trastevere
that's in an old mechanics garage. We had mojitos and lots of good free
amazing buffet spread.

Dinner at La Sclaretta in Trastevere...amazing and cheap! Packed in, elbow to elbow
with neighbors, speaking Italian.

Trastevere is lively at night with many shops still open and lots of people...tourists...I found a new wallet to replace the one that was stolen back in March.  and josie and i bought beatiful handmade glass necklaces.