Monday, July 9, 2012

A grand travel day

Here's what we did today...starting at Kevano plage camping area on the southwest coast
of Corsica, drive to Figari Airport, return rental car, taxi to Bonifacio, walk to ferry port,
ferry to Santa Teresa di Gallura, Sardinia, walk to bus station, bus to Olbia aeroporto, bus
2 to Olbia, bus 9 to Olbia porto, chill in ferry station, and finally....ferry to Civitavecchia,
Italia. We'll be there tomorrow morning at 7am.

Reflections on our grand day of travel...Josie has turned into the most chill travelling
companion. Bonifacio is a beautiful old city situated on cliffs overlooking the sea and
Sardinia with a fort and a very busy port. We both want to go back there. Sardinia is
just like Corsica, only it's Italian, which makes it very different....different architecture,
different roads, different language, but the vegetation and landscape are very similar.

Our cab driver from Figari to Bonifacio was very nice and said that my french was
good! We actually had a real conversation, but rapidly approached the limits of my
understanding and ability to speak. I think I understood that the ancient corsicans did not
live on the coasts and that the coastal cities developed when the Genoans moved to the
island. I need to read more about Corsican history.

The buses on Sardinia was a bit confusing and I've been struck hard by the fact that I'm
now in a country where I do not speak the language at all! I had gotten comfortable
in France with at least being able to passably communicate. Thankfully the little bit I
know of spanish and my french go a long way in understanding signs and asking simple

questions. And, the Italians are SO nice! I love it here. Olbia doesn't seem to be a
fantastic city, but we sure saw some spectacular beaches from the bus window on our
way from Santa Teresa to Olbia.

We have a few hours hanging out in the ferry port before we can board our ferry.

Dinner at the ferry port tonight was amazing! We are both so exciting about eating
Italian food now. I had delicious veggie risotto and josie had the best gave
you "spaghetti o's" know those shivers you get when something you eat is just
amazing? And we had a delicious red wine. And it wasn't expensive. check out the

The ferry boat (ship?) is pretty nice, but not many places to go outside. But it's dark
anyway, so we're just going to bed. Our little cabin is nice and a shower is going to feel
really good.
Here are the photos...

returning our pink rental car at Figari airport north of Bonifacio

Bonifacio had a really busy harbor/port. Count how many boats are coming and going in
this photo!!

View back into Bonifacio's harbor.

View of the actualy old town of Bonifacio from the sea. I want to go back there!

Looking back toward Corsica...We're on an Italian boat and aren't in France anymore.

Coming into Santa Maria's harbor on Sardinia.