Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 8 - Our last night in France!

I can't believe it's our last night in France. I'm not ready to leave.

We've had an uneventful day driving down the coast. We passed through Ajaccio, the
second biggest city on Corsica, which was nothing to write home about. The scenery has
shifted to more rolling cultivated hills and less craggy crazy cliffs and mountains. It is so
hot and dry. Many hillsides are just brown and parched.

We decided to keep going past Ajaccio and to try to camp as close as we can to the
airport where we have to return the rental car tomorrow, but we also wanted to stay
on the coast, so we're at Kevano Plage campground. The campground is on a hillside
covered with kind of scrubby oak. There are some nice amenities, like a volleyball court
and some blooming flowers. But it hot and dry and dusty and there's not much breeze
and there are mosquitoes!! Did I mention it's hot! Our little tent site is tucked into a nook
in some oaks (I think). And, just as at the other campsites, the sites are packed practically
on top of each other, but the design of the site gives a little sense of privacy. Like I said,
our site was just big enough for our little tent and little car and is really secluded on two
sides...which also means it gets no breeze.

Despite the name of the campground, it is not located on a plage, but it's not too long of a
walk to a really beautiful beach. We were so hot and a bit sunburned that we decided to
sit on the terrace, use the WiFi and stay out of the sun, and then go to the beach with our
little dinner to watch the sunset. A good plan! Today has been the hottest day yet, and
by 7pm there was barely a sign of cooling off.

We walked down to the beach with our last bottle of french rose wine, some bread and
cheese and cucumber and pepper and some fruit for our last dinner in watch
the sun set. Note to self...."just because you are on the west coast of an island, doesn't
mean that the beach will actually point west!" the sun set over the hills to our right,
not over the water which was actually to the south...the corsican coastline is pretty
wiggly. Oh was a beautiful evening none-the-less and our dinner was perfect and
the wine was good.