Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday 4 June 2009 - Cambridge, MA

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Touring MIT campus, delicious Italian food in the North End of Boston, and a lovely evening at the Boston Pops.

We found Prof. Herbert Einstein, my undergrad research advisor. I so wish I had taken a picture with him in his office, which is even more full of piles of papers than it was 20 years ago. We had a great time reminiscing about the old days at MIT when we stored our data in a Lotus 123 spreadsheet and his students were closeted in this tiny office to do our work. Josie was thoroughly impressed by his office because it made mine look positively tidy.
We also found the student dental clinic in an attempt to get them to fix an errant bracket in Josie's bottom braces. Alas, they don't do orthodontics, so we'll have to visit a real orthodontist in Porter Sq. on Friday morning. It's always fun tracking down medical care in a different city!

Shopping for fun nerd stuff at the MIT coop, walking through the infinite corridor, visiting my old dorm....a great trip down memory lane.
Oh, we got moved to a new dorm, so we're on the 3rd floor of McCormick, which is the all women's dorm and is very nice. We have a spectacular view of the Charles River and the Boston skyline.

Off to the North End for Italian food. Delicious! And Josie had her favorite dessert...teramisu. Visited the Old North Church...
Tech Night at the Boston was the 112th annual tech night at the pops. and the pops has only been around 124 years!

An MIT student played piano with the symphony for Rhapsody in Blue...very impressive. Then they dropped balloons on the audience during the finale. Very fun! Very MIT...lots of old nerds in red coats. The logarhythm alum group wandered around singing before the concert started.