Saturday, June 27, 2009

Captain Picard and Gandalf!

Last night we saw Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan in Waiting for Godot. What a thrill. They were amazing. We had VIP tickets, so we had the Oscar Wilde room nearly to ourselves with free drinks, sandwiches and a hostess...and our own ladies room. There was only one other couple in the room with us. Our seats were excellent.

The hostess told us how to get to the stage door so we could meet the cast afterwards. We waited along with about 30 other people but we were right in the front. So, for three weeks travelling I have always had a pen with me. Patrick Stewart walks out...I say "Mr. Stewart, can we have your autograph please?". He says, "Sure, do you have a pen?". Alas! I have no pen! When I answer "no", he say, "oh well, no pen...". Thank heavens some other frantic fan saved the day with her pen. He refused it at first because it still had the cap on. Then when he finally got one with no cap, he kept it! I asked if I could take his picture he said, "yes, but I don't pose" here's the best photo of Captain Picard...

Sir Ian McKellan was different...not only did he have his own pen, he posed.