Friday, June 12, 2009

Computers and travelling and bloody Linux

I have to vent a little bit. One of the reasons I haven't been blogging regularly is because of the bloody stupid little laptop I purchased in a moment of nerdly insanity. Josie and I are taking this book-long quiz entitled "Are you a geek?". I receive extra bonus points for thinking a Linux laptop was a good idea just because it's not microsoft and no one else in their right mind uses it.

Nothing works with Linux!!! I can't upload photos to our smugmug account because the only uploader that works will only load one photo at a time, which is bloody time-consuming when you take loads of pictures. It's made worse because in Linux, you don't see a preview of your photos when you're browsing to select which one you want to upload, so you have to run the photo manager software and write down the numbers of the photos you want to upload. And, the photo manager and file manager are soooo slow.

Josie plugged her Ipod into her Linux laptop and now she has no music on her Ipod, except when she plugs it back into the laptop. I assume the Linux music manager software did something funny with the formatting on her Ipod so that the Ipod operating system doesn't think it has music on it even though the space on the drive is taken up by the music. Okay...imagine travelling with a 14-year old without an Ipod. You get the picture.

My laptop can't read my MP3 player at all.

Let's see...what else...I put Harry Potter onto a flash drive for us to listen to on the plane. My Linux laptop cannot read that flash drive at all. Windows computers can read it. Go figure. Oh, and that flash drive was also the one with my address book and itinerary on it. I've also discovered that most public internet computers don't let you plug USB drives into them for fear of viruses.

Okay...enough grumping. When we get home, I'm loading windows on both laptops. I'm done with my little Linux experiment and I'm giving in to Bill Gates evil empire. Of course windows has its own issues but I've become familiar and comfortable with its issues. But I'll probably discover that windows needs more than the 2G that we have available. Ha hah hahaha.