Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday 5 June 2009

Visit to the orthodontist in Porter Square (and the amazingly long escalator), design workshop at the MIT Museum, tour of Harvard and evening reception for the MIT Class of 1989...
The unofficial Hahvahd tour. We learned a lot. Josie's still impressed with Harvard.

Here's what she still thinks of MIT...Of course that's because every MIT alum she meets tells her she's doomed to be a soon as she starts talking about Star Trek they shake their heads knowingly.

The MIT Museum is very cool. We participated in a workshop to help them design the exhibit for MIT's 150th birthday in 2011. Our group decided to focus on Food at MIT....hmmm...we were all class of '89 and their kids. curious we were all so interested in food. Anyway it was a great trip down memory lane and touring the exhibits was most interesting. Check out their website...

Here's a bit of MIT trivia...the woman who invented the roving vacuum robot the Rhoomba graduated in my class!!