Friday, June 12, 2009

Monday 8 June - Iceland to England

We finally got to sleep about 1am...well...josie fell asleep...I laid was still light! Then I woke up before the alarm wet off at 5am. So...about 3 hours sleep.

icelandic breakfast...yum! Skyr. not yogurt. supposedly very healthy. Lots of protein and <1% fat. But I have to question how something that unbelievably creamy could be so healthy. And, what exactly is it?? It tasted like the creamy layer on top of good whole milk yogurt. You add a little brown sugar and pour some cream on was like dessert! We also had some kind of spread on toast that had peas and boiled eggs in it. It was yummy too.

Flight to London, Heathrow...uneventful except my movie screen didn't work again.

We called a taxi from Windsor to pick us up and we nearly missed him because we didn't expect our taxi to be a Mercedes!

After naps we were off to the horse races at the Royal Windsor Racecourse! We took the river taxi up the River Thames from Windsor to the racecourse. The racetrack is beautiful! You view the horses before the race on the Pre-Parade Grounds before they get saddles, then after they're saddles on the Parade Grounds. Then after the race in the winners circle. We got a 2 pound betting voucher with the package we purchased. I let Josie choose the horse to bet on and she won!!! So, she got about 8.50 back! Pretty exciting.

The horses were beautiful...big and glossy and muscular. Overall, it was very exciting and very fun.

The weather was quite cold and we were exhausted, so we decided to leave after about the 3rd race. Unfortunately, the river taxi didn't leave until after the 5th race. Brrr and zzzzzz.