Saturday, May 19, 2012

La Pizza!

We finally went to the italian restaurant, La Pizza, just around the corner from our apartment that advertises that they have tiramisu with this painted sign on the outside of the restaurant...
We had seen the restaurant, and also discovered that it was written up in an Aix/Marseille magazine last month, so have been wanting to try it out.

First, Josie enjoyed the way the wind blew her hair into an amazing halo that was reflected in her shadow on the table...

I don't think I fell asleep, but this kind of looks like maybe I did?? 

When you order get half of a pizza...for one person!  A demi lune...half moon.  Josie said it was the best tomato sauce she'd ever had.  I had the veggie lasagne which was good, not the best ever, but tasty.

The Tiramisu was pretty spectacular also! 

La Pizza...3 Rue Aude, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France