Saturday, May 19, 2012

La nuit des musees...the night at the museum

All over Europe la Nuit des Musées is being celebrated!  Free museum admittance and performances for the evening until 1am.  Tonight, I started at the Natural History museum which is on our street in the next block.  There was an amazing band playing some funky fun music set up in the courtyard...

The musicians are Yancouba Diebatté (or Diabate) who plays the spectacular African harp called the kora, Dimitri Reverchon, the amazing percussionist and Emmanuel Soulignac on bass.

I listened for a while, but knew they would be playing several sets this evening, and I wanted to make it up to Cézanne's studio before it got too dark.  So I headed up the hill and out of the old city center to the north to reach the studio.  they had projection set up outside in front of the building displaying a slide show of Cézanne's work...lights in the trees created a magical ambiance.

After the tour of the studio, I wandered through the garden a bit, but it was very dark and their lights didn't extend very far (must come back in the daylight!).

Next stop was the Tapestry museum where they have a modern art exhibit called "Take me to the river" that is a collection of the work of 20 different artists from 13 different, sculpture, mixed media, etc. etc.  Very fun!  but, best of all was the small group of modern dancers/artists who were performing/improvisation among the audience of the exhibit...
Here are two of the dancers...and some of their props...buckets, cups, bottles, squirt bottles, was very interactive..

and yes, one of the dancers is wearing a speedo, flippers and playing the saxophone...

this photo actually captures all three of the dancers...the woman in the background, the man on his knees wearing a white hat with a red pompom on top and flipper man.  

It was wonderful!  they were fantastic.

Back to hear more of the band, then home to our apartment where with the windows open I could listen to their last set that went until 1am!