Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quiz Bowl!

Tonight I participated in the Anglo-American Group of Provence's annual quizbowl on a team with my friends Caroline and Denis and their friend Nick and our voluteer team-mate Bill.  The goal is to have an internationally diverse team...Caroline is Scottish, and her husband Denis is French.  Nick is Canadian/English, but now calls himself Luyne-ais, Luyn-ish, Luyn-esque??  (Luynes is a town south of Aix where Josie goes to school and where Nick and his family live...he's been their long enough that he calls it home).  Bill is american from San Francisco.

We didn't place spectacularly in the quizbowl (12th out of about 20 teams-ish?), but we had a wonderful time!  The questions ranges from about 5 pages of 11x17 (the european version A3) of photographs of famous people in their youth...for example Bill and Hillary Clinton's wedding picture...anyone remember that one? (that was an easy one!)...and you have to identify who's in the picture.  Or another example...Audry Hepburn at the age of about 8.  Hmm. was bloody difficult!  Then, there were 100 trivia questions ranging from the oscars, to french foreign affairs ministers, to football (soccer) stars, math problems, algebra, logic puzzles, sciences, etc.  THEN...there were 48 song clips that were played to us and we had to identify the song name and the artists (either composer or performer).  Yowz. and Pshew!

Dinner was excellent and the wine flowed freely and we had an excellent time!

Hmmm...where is Josie?  She went to the Hunger Games, which is playing in English, with 10 girlfriends (yes, 10) and then having a sleepover near Luynes with one of the american girls at her school who is from Alaska.  Josie has a very full social life here in France!  The ease with which young people can get around and gather without cars is truly wonderful.  Last night she was out having a fantastic time whilst I was home...alone...sniff...I need a life!  ;-)  Naah...It's all good.