Sunday, March 18, 2012

Les Calanques!

Finally we made it to the Calanques!  The Calanques are beautiful coves along the coast east and west of Marseille.  The forecast today was for rain, but we braved the elements for a wee coastal adventure...

Today we took the bus to Marseille, then the metro, then we met a nice gentleman from the AAGP who drove us to Callelongue where we started our hike with a coffee at the little (and very bizarre) cafe in Callelongue.  We hiked up and over a couple of ridges...for about an hour and a half...
The clouds were rolling in over the hills...the rain was on its way...
 A view toward the sea from the ridge we were following.
 We dropped down one of the Calanques and hikes down to the sea in the Calanque de Marseilleveyre.  There was a house and a little cafe!  The Calanque is not accessible by car...just boat or foot.  We decided to site on the rocky beach and eat our lunch leaning against the wall to shelter a little from the wind.

 The supplies for the cafe at Calanque de Marseilleveyre have to be delivered by boat and they were getting a delivery while we were there.  We watched a box of pomme-de-terre go by for the frites at the cafe.

The view from our lunch spot.

 We hiked back to Callelongue along the coast and got a nice view back to our lunch spot.

 The landscape in the Calanque is striking...steep rocky cliffs jutting straight out of the sea.

Josie and Cohen...the photographers. They were having fun collecting photos for art projects as we hiked back.  The trails was really rocky and very steep and rough.

 We all slept on the bus back to Aix and were anxious to make crepes when we got home.  The rains was still chasing us and it was pretty chilly.  We arrived back in Aix to discovered the streets and la Rotonde blocked for a bike race...

Wouldn't you think they'd move the barricade for the winner with his trophy?!

The rain finally caught up with us, but we were thankfully home and warm.
A snuggly afternoon was had by all listening to the rain pour down on the clay tile roofs outside....tummies full of crepes guessed it...Nutella!

Update on my stolen purse...this morning at 7am I checked my account for my mobile phone and discovered that the thief used my phone to call country codes 21 and 43.  Country code 43 is Austria, and country code 21 can be Libya (!!), Tunisia or others.  I got through to Free (the mobile company) and had the SIM card blocked, but they won't waive the charges for the 18 euros incurred by the nocturnal calls.  I suppose it could've been worse!