Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hotel de Police...again

After taking my first art history test in FRENCH, shopping at the grand marché (amazing veggie farmers market) and spending the afternoon getting some work done (I finally received the GIS files I've been waiting for!)...I headed to the Hotel de Police (the police station) to present the list of phone numbers that the thieves called from my cell phone.

There were a lot more people at the Hotel de Police on a thursday afternoon at 5pm then there were at 11 pm on Sat night.  As a result, I waited for over an hour to finally hand over the print-out from my mobile account listing all the phone numbers they called (country codes 43 - Austria and 21 - Tunisia or Libya).  I had to give another report that was attached to my first report both typed by very kind policemen who typed the entire report with two fingers!  They were the fastest two-finger typers I've ever seen. Both spoke a little english and after the interview I was presented with several officially "stamped"  forms.  Stamped forms are very popular here!  And, a stamp is called  tampon, which makes both Josie and I giggle because stamp stores advertise that in big bold letters.

On the way home I made a few stops trying to find Josie's contact lens solution...she has very sensitive eyes and can't use the usual stuff (which you can't just buy at the grocery store must go to a pharmacie, which are wonderful experiences!).  I love how helpful people are here!  I looked up the french words I would need before I left and brought the near-empty bottle of old solution with me to show them.   I spoke with two different pharmacies and finally found the right solution at an optician's for only 17 euros (gasp!) a bottle.

I love how little things that would be simple errands in Colorado become new adventures in language and culture!  

post script...I should have titled this post two-fingered typing and tampons, but until you read the post that really wouldn't make any sense at all!