Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bonne fête des mères! Happy french mother's day!

Today was mother's day in France.  And, it's the first Sunday of the month so museums are free!  Josie and I wandered through the beautiful outdoor market...a special mother's day version, then went to the Musée Granet to enjoy some free art.  Afterwards we had crèpes and headed home.

The weather has cooled off and it even rained a little.

We had bruschetta and specactular market fresh salads for both lunch and dinner today.  Josie is a master bruschetta chef...and she made this gorgeous dinner for mother's day for me...thank you sweetie!

The tomatoes and garlic were market fresh and we picked the basil from the basil bush on our terrace.

Can you figure out what we were watching?